What Are The Symptoms Of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome? Here are The Answers

Many of us often wondered what are the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome? Failed back surgery syndrome indicated by dull pain to pricking stabbing pain in some back parts, making it difficult to move. But not every back pain led to failed back surgery syndrome. To know the exact symptom, you need to know a few symptom of failed back surgery syndrome.

First of all, as its name stated, the failed back surgery syndrome was a back pain emerging following the back or spine surgery. The failed surgery causing greater problem as show with continuous pain on the back. The common cause this syndrome is improper preoperative patient selection before executing back surgery. If the surgeons pick the wrong spine, it will make the surgery fails and giving you the syndrome very likely.

The next symptom you can feel is the pain emerging from different location, with the level of pain varies over time. The pain usually covers some back area to the leg, with dull pain to chronic pain. So what are the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome? you feel, is it only vague pain, or feel so hurt already.

The pain will make you hardly to move and interfering you daily activity. The pain wills also causing numbness to the pain area, even radiating through lower back into the leg. The numbness, the pain, usually resulted in sleeplessness, depression and anxiety to patient.

If the syndrome already struck you, the chance to heal completely is so small. The failed back surgery syndrome causing you to use medication more often to reduce the pain. This potentially led you to dependence on drugs to relieve the pain for using the medication more often. What are the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome brought you? Is it just on the level of using drug to relieve pain or you already having dependency to the drugs?

The best ways for you to overcome it is to consulate with your doctor to give you best method to treat your pain. Doctor will help you to manage your medication so you will not have dependence on the drugs. If needed, you can have surgery once more to correct the pain source and eliminated the previous pain area.

That concludes my explanation about what are the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome? Hope that you can overcome your pain and treat your problem more wisely.