Ricardo Fort Before and After Lip Injections

Description of Ricardo Fort Before and After Lip Injections – Ricardo Fort is one of men who had undergone plastic surgery for improving appearance. Even though he had died in the last 2013, some media is still giving information related to his modification in his face. He actually has made his lips changed for some possible reason.

Ricardo Fort before and after lip injections is really interesting to discuss he is a man who is typically ignorance in modifying face. However, it is not applied to this guy because he modified his lips. The reason might come from his identity as public figure especially in Argentina. He is a successful businessman with some textile and clothing industry. In addition, he is also a successful television director as well. Therefore, he often showed up in public.

As public figure that used to be active facing press conference, he actually should have attracting appearance. Therefore, he tried his best to make sure that he had maintained his appearance. As mentioned previously, he rely did lip injection. The result is actually quite neat because it is almost so difficult determining the real face of his.

Ricardo Fort Before and After Lip Injections

In order to distinguish what actually Ricardo Fort before and after lip injections is, an in-depth observation is needed. One characteristic that common people can see is actually the increasing volume of his lips in some wide-spread photos and pictures. Though it may not be reliable, there are some news confirmed that decision. Therefore, it is saving to conclude that he actually had his lips modified.

Compared to lip injection done in women, his lip injection is not quite full. It means that the lips are still in medium-size instead of full-size. This is actually what people preserve as the action that is never done by Ricardo Fort.

Ricardo Fort Before and After Lip Injections

The next thing about Ricardo Fort before and after lip injections is the extension of lips. The lips really seem to extend up to 2-3 mm long. It really made him sexy and charming. Moreover, since the lip injection is not done excessively, the result is still sweet for him.

The result of lip injection of Ricardo Fort can be considered as success. The reason is because his face was still in very ideal or balanced shape. Therefore, he did not look weird at all after injection. Instead, she really seemed as the best man in the world because he had succeeded to be a guy who had undergone surgery that costs almost $25.000.