The Information About Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery You Should Know

There are several ways to make yourself prettier. Many people consider beauty as one of the things that many people want to have. They want to make themselves look better in the society, so they have better confidence.

Usually that is seen the most in the matter of appearance is the physical body. The physical body covers every parts of the body. It covers from the toe to the hair. However, not all people gifted with the beautiful body. to solve this problem the usually have surgery. One of the examples of surgery is Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery.

Joan Rivers is one of the well known celebrities in America. She is known as one of the funniest Women comedian in the world. She has many kinds of television performances as the comedian, host and Movie stars. However, she has deceased right now because the surgery that she is done. In here, you will learn about the Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery that has been done hundred times.

The Information About Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery You Should Know

Joan rivers is one of the celebrities who known for her extensive surgeries. It is rumored that she has done more than 700 times in her life. This can be seen in her face that still look young and tight despite her age is already 81 years old. Joan River plastic surgery is often become criticized by many people because it changes her look totally.

There are many parts of Joan River’s body that has been changed. One of the most prominent one is her mouth. Back in the 70’s t0 80’s, her mouth used to be normal like most women. However, when she does some surgeries, her mouth gradually change. It can be seen that her mouth is like snake. It makes her appearance quite scary than ever.

The Information About Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery You Should Know

Aside from that, the others things that we can learn from her is the Botox injection. Her face is quite tight with only few wrinkles in her face. This is really not normal for 81 years old women. It is predicted she done many times. Another thing surgery that you can see is the eye tuck.

Overall, Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery is one of the bad examples that you should not try. Her body is not hers anymore because it is like person with different body but same soul. Aside from that, the plastic surgery is the reason of her death. She dies because of the vocal cord surgery on September 4, 2014.