Cristina Kirchner Before and After Lip Injections

Seeing the Difference of Cristina Kirchner Before and After Lip Injections – Having an anti-aging treatment has become a fashion right now for most of women in the age of 40 years old above. This lifestyle has been implemented in the need of having an ageless face for most business women. Furthermore, for those who need more physical attractions as a public figure, it is a must to have such beauty treatment.

It is to make their faces always look fresh and young so that public may throw their compliments of being nice look. One of the ways is lip injection as most of women think that it makes them look more beautiful.

One public figure who has lip injection is Cristina Krichner who is a President of Argentina. This beautiful president is written in having good political career since she was young. Her face is very beautiful and many people thought that she has a good looking as a president.

Cristina Kirchner Before and After Lip Injections

As a president, she is considered to have a good taste in fashion and style. It is proven by the way she dresses in some occasions. Well, talking about lip injection that she took, you may see the transformation of Cristina Kirchner before and after Lip Injections to compare them all.

This first lady in Argentina is called by the people as the Botox queen. It is reported that she already had some cosmetic surgery to enhance her face. Well, we can see the difference of Cristina Kirchner before and after Lip Injections when she was about 30 years old. She had thin lip on the top and a bit thicker on the bottom. Actually, there is nothing to add just the way she was. She was good all of it. However, it seems that lip injection leads her to have thicker lips.

Cristina Kirchner Before and After Lip Injections

The thicker lips she has showed that she changes a little bit on her own physical appearance. Well, after seeing Cristina Kirchner before and after lip injections, you may draw a conclusion that the result is a little bit shocking. Well, anything she did about cosmetic surgery is a matter of physical attraction.

Seeing her career as a president, it is good to enhance her physical attraction as she often meets the people. It is issued that she had spent for about $8000 for such cosmetic surgery. Having a gorgeous appearance is needed when you become a public figure or celebrity. It is because people always judge on what they wear and what they do in all sides. Beauty recommendation site,